Hill 27 - north slope
Hill 27 - view towards the Matanikau
Hill 27 battlefield
Hill 27 foxholes
Hill 27 rear slope
Hill 82 view
Hill 83 view
Ilu River - beach west of sandbar
Ilu River - C-1-1 area
Ilu River - Jap memorial

Ilu River - US memorial (Al Schmid MG post site)
THE BATTLE OF THE TENARU (veterans accounts)
Ilu River - east bank beach
Ilu River sandbar looking east
Ilu River sandbar 1996
Ilu River sandbar 1998
Ilu river west bank beach 1998
Gifu-Jap mass grave and foxholes
Plaque on Hill 27 at Gifu
King Solomon Hotel pool in Hill 83

Kokumbona Beach
Kukum Bay
Kukum-ships in Bay 1998
Kukum Beach 1999
Kukum Beach
Kukum Beach 2
Kukum Beach cyclone victim
Kyusyu Maru site 1998
Kyusyu Maru photo 2
Kyusyu Maru photo 3

Kyusyu Maru photo 4
looking from Matanikau to Kukum
looking towards Kukum
Lunga Point from Tassafaronga 1996
Lunga ridge tunel
Lunga River behind the airfield
Matanikau Valley-Hersheys "INTO THE VALLEY"area
Matanikau - US Skyline Ridge memorial
Matanikau/Kukum Bay 1996
Matanikau and Kukum

Matanikau bridge 1999
Matanikau river 1
Matanikau river 2
Matanikau river mouth
Matanikau river
Matanikau sandbar 2
Matanikau sandbar 3
Matanikau sandbar 4
Matanikau sandbar 5
Matanikau to Cape Esperance

Matanikau to Kokumbona
Memorial stone at Vilu
Memorials - Tetere beach and Ilu river
Mendana Hotel
Mount Austen - Henderson/Kukum view
Mount Austen view
Mount Austen - Wright road and Savo Island
Mt Austen - view on good and bad day!
Nissen huts at Pt Cruz 1999
on the bank of the Matanikau

in Pagoda Hill radio tunnel
on Henderson Field 1
on Henderson Field 1999
on Henderson Field 2
on Henderson tower
on Hill 27 at Gifu
on Hill 27 at Giu 2
on the Ilu river sandbar
on Red Beach
on Tetere Beach 1998

Pagoda Hill - entrance to radio tunnel
Pagoda Hill - sealed air vent to tunnel
Pagoda Hill 1998
Pagoda Hill 2
Pagoda Hill radio tunnel 1999
Pagoda Hill
Mitchell Paige MOH area
patrol boats off Pt Cruz
Pt Cruz patrol boat wharf 1999
Pt Cruz - view from Hill 82

Red Beach 1995
Red Beach 1998
Red Beach 1999
Red Beach Jap AA gun mount
Red Beach US memorial
Red Beach Plaque - paper and perspex!
road west from Bonegi River
Savo Island
Seabees memorial at control tower
Seahorse - Hill 27 (Gifu) from Hill 43

Seahorse - Hill 43 1999
Seahorse - Hills 43 & 44
Seahorse area 1998
Seahorse Hills
Sims Ridge - Thin Red Line
Sims Ridge to Matanikau 1999 - in the rain
Skyline ridge memorial from Matanikau east bank
Tassafaronga beach 1996
Tetere beach 1998
"THE RAVINE" - Chesty Puller action Oct'42

THIN RED LINE -Exton & Sims Ridge
THIN RED LINE - Exton Ridge from Sims Ridge
THIN RED LINE - guide Michael Ben
THIN RED LINE - Hill 53 from Sims Ridge
THIN RED LINE - Sims ridge 1999
Toshio Kojima - Hill 27,Gifu
THIN RED LINE area from Hill 27

US Skyline ridge memorial
Washing relics at the hotel!
Wright Road memorial plaque near Hill 35
WW2 Nissen huts near Pt Cruz

Cape Esperance 1999 (Dennis Letourneau)
Honiara 1 (Dennis Letourneau)
Honiara 2 (Dennis Letourneau)
Lunga & Mt Austen (Dennis Letourneau)
Pt Cruz aerial 1999 (Dennis Letourneau)
Carney Field bomber strip (Ron Day)

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